Installations Instalações
Installations Instalações

Installations Instalações

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Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais collaborate as @c since 2000. They have released and performed extensively, often collaborating with other artists and collectives in a practice marked by radical experimentalism with computational sound. In 2003 they established Crónica, a label dedicated to experimental music and sound art, that they since run.

Since 2005 Tudela and Carvalhais have also been developing sound installations, the majority of which are ephemeral works lasting for the duration of an event or festival. The book Installations / Instalações documents nineteen of these works, offering a detailed look at them through visual documentation and texts by Carvalhais and Tudela and Raquel Castro, sound art curator and artistic director of Lisboa Soa.

Table of contents: 
Installations (2005, 2021), Miguel Carvalhais & Pedro Tudela
Instalações (2005, 2021), Miguel Carvalhais & Pedro Tudela
Listening to Geometries, Raquel Castro
Escutando Geometrias, Raquel Castro
Divisor/4 (2015)
M.M.M.M. (2014)
30×1 (2005)
Respiro (2014)
LMY-7-10 (2016)
Respiro (2015)
Noventa e Três (para Colönia) (2012)
Sulco (Medida de Corte) (2019)
(Re)Verso/Flexo (2018)
Octo____ (2019)
S(o)al (2021)
CX LUX (2017)
Vento (2018)
Casa (2021)
Becoming- (2016)
A/B (2017)
6 Elementos (2016)
T/B (2021)
Anotações Sonoras: Espaço, Pausa, Repetição (2018)
Studies / Estudos

Book, 210 pages, 155 x 230 mm, softcover, 140 images
First edition of 500 copies in English and Portuguese
Crónica 181~2022, Porto, February 2022
ISBN: 978-989-9049-13-0
Co-published by i2ADS
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