Notebook Issue 3
Notebook Issue 3
Notebook Issue 3
Notebook Issue 3

Notebook Issue 3

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Published twice a year, Notebook magazine provides a curated vision of what makes the art of the cinema exciting and moving. Created, prepared, and published by MUBI, the global streaming service, production company, and film distributor dedicated to elevating great cinema, Notebook is an editorially independent extension of MUBI’s mission of expanding access to and advocating for the seventh art. With a distinctive design approach, featuring renowned international writers and collaborating with filmmakers and artists, the magazine is a showcase for experimental, reflective, and surprising approaches to film culture, engaging with it creatively and through diverse viewpoints and methods. In a cultural landscape of fewer and fewer magazines devoted to film, Notebook boldly encapsulates and embodies the tremendous vitality, relevance, and beauty of the cinema.

With thematic pieces devoted to the appearance of weather inside and outside of movies and to the disruptive ways film culture and industry can be sabotaged, Issue 3 of Notebook encompasses an exploration of filming in extreme temperatures in the silent era and today; a tour of an artificial weather effects facility; filmmaker weather diaries; Batgirl and the self-sabotage of Warner Bros. Discovery; a radical manifesto from the unseen film festival workers; a critic’s self-debate over Godard’s Contempt; and advice on how to render a movie unstreamable. Other highlights include 16mm film restoration, behind the scenes of 1930s Indian moviemaking and a new, multi-issue series on the “Things a Filmmaker Should Know” inaugurated by Tsai Ming-liang (Days, Goodbye, Dragon Inn).

ISSN 2769-7681
Format Print only
Year of Publication 2023
Number of Pages 124
Size 210 x 274mm
Binding Swiss binding
Printed by LONGO AG (Bolzano, Italy)
Papers Fedrigoni papers
Language only available in English